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The World’s Deadliest Pole Dancer

Killing monsters with cool weapons and using demons to throw cars around just wasn’t good enough for Bayonetta, so she decided to take a que from strippers just to mix thing up. Instead of just using discarded weapons, she picks them up and pole dances in a deadly seductive manor. But she doesn’t pole dance like the secretarial student from Deja Vu you haven’t told your wife about. Nope, she pole dances AND kills demons with an area of effect attack. Finally a way to mix my loves of demon hunting and burlesque without having to sacrifice video gaming.

Layoffs to Hit EA Studios

According to website Gamasutra, major third-party video game publishing behemoth Electronic Arts has issued layoffs across its studios ahead of its earnings call this afternoon. Locations included in the layoffs are EA Redwood Shores, Tiburon, Mythic, and Black Box.
Sources have indicated that this year’s cuts have been more substantial than in years past. The company is likely to make an official announcement in its quarterly earnings report, later today.

Dhani Harrison Talks Rock Band 3

Touring with his band thenewno2, Dhani Harrison the son of Beatle George Harrison is still working with Harmonix after his work bringing The Beatles: Rock Band to the shelves.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune “I’m working on Rock Band 3 and making the controllers more real so people can actually learn how to play music while playing the game,” Harrison said. “Give me a couple years, it’s going to happen.”

Do people really want to learn to play instruments in their video games?

WiiWare Demos in the Possible Future

IGN reports that Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata at a recent earnings meeting told investors that testing of a new WiiWare demo service could start as early as the end of month on a few select titles.

Nintendo is using this test to see if more players will start surfing through and downloading products on the Wii Shopping Channel. Iwata also noted that the majority of WiiWare consumers navigate to games and products they only intend to purchase.

A WiiWare demo program has not been officially confirmed by Nintendo nor has a start date, what titles would be included, or if the demos would be available only in Japan or worldwide.

The Return of Alice

EA head honcho and big cheese John Riccitiello has stated that the sequel to “American McGee’s Alice” is in the works for PC and Consoles and it’s looking as if we have a trailer to go with said statement.

Chinese developer Spicy Horse is heading up the development of the sequel to the 2000 cult title. It appears to continue the story of a mentally disturbed young Alice  and her adventures in a twisted and gothy version of Lewis Carroll’s original Wonderland. Even though the games title is up in the air, the trailer looks and feels like the original Alice game. I’ve got high hopes that Spicy Horse is up to the task and really goes the distance with this one.

Science Evil & Marketing

We will soon be submitting our next game to Apple for approval here at Warp the Form and I have been wondering for some time now what ratio of science, evil, and marketing can get you to the top of the heap which is the iTunes App Store. I’m thinking that I’m going to divide my efforts like this;  33% of science, 33% of evil, and 33% of marketing. Now I know your all thinking “Hey! You still have 1% left.” To that I say “Duh.” I know I have that 1% floating around and I know to I just can’t put it in my pocket and I can’t release it back into the wild like some bunny with hurt leg that I nursed back to health when I was nine.  After some drinking, a long deliberation, more drinking and then a light snack, I decided that evil would get extra percent. I want evil to hold the majority vote is because evil gives us a cool factor that marketing and science just don’t have or ever had. If anybody ever says that science is cool, may I point out that there weren’t any Mr. Wizard or Bill Nye groupies and Beakman hung out with a furry. Marketing is basically using smoke and mirrors to sell your product. Smoke and mirrors makes me think of magic. Magic makes me think of Doug Henning. Doug Henning doesn’t deserve an extra percent. So as we all can see, evil deservedly wins. If anybody out in interwebland has any off the wall ideas or some kind of secret strategy to get apps to number one, drop me a line.

-The Mouth