Science Evil & Marketing

We will soon be submitting our next game to Apple for approval here at Warp the Form and I have been wondering for some time now what ratio of science, evil, and marketing can get you to the top of the heap which is the iTunes App Store. I’m thinking that I’m going to divide my efforts like this;  33% of science, 33% of evil, and 33% of marketing. Now I know your all thinking “Hey! You still have 1% left.” To that I say “Duh.” I know I have that 1% floating around and I know to I just can’t put it in my pocket and I can’t release it back into the wild like some bunny with hurt leg that I nursed back to health when I was nine.  After some drinking, a long deliberation, more drinking and then a light snack, I decided that evil would get extra percent. I want evil to hold the majority vote is because evil gives us a cool factor that marketing and science just don’t have or ever had. If anybody ever says that science is cool, may I point out that there weren’t any Mr. Wizard or Bill Nye groupies and Beakman hung out with a furry. Marketing is basically using smoke and mirrors to sell your product. Smoke and mirrors makes me think of magic. Magic makes me think of Doug Henning. Doug Henning doesn’t deserve an extra percent. So as we all can see, evil deservedly wins. If anybody out in interwebland has any off the wall ideas or some kind of secret strategy to get apps to number one, drop me a line.

-The Mouth

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